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Welcome to Inglewood- there's more than you think!

Gold, blue eucy, history and architecture, exercise or just some time to relax!




  • ANZAC DAY   25th April  The Inglewood & District Historical Society will unveil a bronze bust of Major General Edwin Tivey, in front of the Town Hall, Verdon St, at 10:30am.    The Inglewood and Bridgewater RSL will attend and commence their march to the cenotaph at 10:45am.  The normal ANZAC service will be held at the Cenotaph at 11:00am.
  •  Why not drop into the new pop-up Art Gallery,  Galleria Nuova,  at 33 Brooke St,  
  • The Town Hall Community Hub is complete!  The Neighbourhood House has moved in!!                

The Hub is now operational Monday to Thursday at the new Town Hall Hub facility at 20 Verdon St, Inglewood, on the Market Street side of the Town Hall.  

The new Public toilets are also located on that side of the building. 

  • Tremendous news also is the Goldfields Library is also operational at the Hub. Come in and browse the collection, have a chat with the Hub team or a cuppa.  


Usual Open hours:  Monday to Thursday 9am-4.30pm

Library Staff Visit:    Tuesday 11.15-12.45pm



On Thursday 5th of Jan 2017 there was a purse/wallet handed into Inglewood Police Station. The wallet contained a substantial amount of cash but no identification. If someone wants to claim it they will need to describe the purse/wallet and how much money was in it.

Please contact Inglewood Police on 54383200


Also the community maybe interested to know that Senior Constable Troy YOUNG started at the Inglewood Police Station in January which now

means the Inglewood Police Station is fully staffed.



Australia Day was celebrated at the Inglewood Swimming Pool on   Thursday 26th January 

Flag - raising, National Anthem,  Lions Sausage sizzle and Swimming Carnival.

Mr Don Abell, will be the Australia Day Ambassador attending.



A wonderful day for families with the kids loving the gifts and all the action.  

Lions Christmas Festival and Carols evening.

Great family funGreat family fun

Thanks to all the sponsors and supporters.  

Thank you allThank you all 


    Missed the CFA the session on December  14th ??

            Chat with Claire Wilkinson, FFMVic - 5051 4305 or Kevin Sleep, CFA - 5036 2800


 Are you at risk?

For further information and to RSVP:

Claire Wilkinson, FFMVic - 5051 4305 or Kevin Sleep, CFA - 5036 2800

Please note we will postpone all community meetings when the Fire Danger Rating is Code Red, Extreme or Severe.


  After a very successful festival circuit, running on over 180 film festivals and        winning more than 50 awards, we’ve decided that it’s finally time to share

 “The    ...    

  Enjoy this award winning short video....!  

      Click >>   The Present  on

                                                       - - - - - - - - - 

Inglewood Alive 2016.....was a fantastic event.  

Bigger and better again next year!

 This year, the festival  moved to the first Sunday in November.  Sunday 6th November.

All your favourites and more....just a month earlier before all the mad end of year festive rush.

 Come and be part of  'Inglewood Alive' 2017  - November 4th & 5th

                                                   - - - - - - - - - 

Sunday 22/5/16   Inglewood Sports Centre      

A truly magnificent attendance in fantastic weather saw a tribute to Dr Max and Annie Higgs at a community BBQ today. Together with sons Harry and Charlie, (together with good wishes from Jack who is living in New York), they mingled with the large crowd estimated at 270+.   "Thank you and well wishes" were plentiful , as was the array of salads and cakes and sweets brought along by the community to share.   Speeches by Stewart Luckman, Helen Reimers and Harry Higgs  expressed the feelings of the community for the magnificent service of some 31 years to our community, not only as the local doctor but also Council service,  inaugural chairman of the community bank, sporting groups and support to many in many ways.  There were tears of joy and wonderful perosnal thanks expressed.

A   plaque was presented to Max and Annie, who responded well with kind and generous thoughts. They have enjoyed the hard work and success of this chapter of  their life and are looking forward to the next chapter.  Max also left us with some poetry which summed up the value of folks and service.   They will enjoy some holidays and and then head off to various exciting destinations and work in other areas.  Every one wishes them well. 

Thanks to Stewart Luckman and Graham Bender for initiating and arranging the day, the Lions Club of Inglewood for the BBQ and catering and all who contributed to the success of the day and the cleaning up.  Many hands did a great job.


                            Also see the article and many photos in the Bendigo Advertsier. ..more 


18/5/16  Inglewood Primary School     The 2016/17 fundraising calendar is now available. Free to collect from the                       Inglewood and Bridgewater Post Office.  Call in and pick one up today!    from School Council.

3/5/16    Extended hours for Eucy Museum.  

      From Thursday 12th May, the Eucalyptus Distillery Museum will operate with additional days and extended hours. The hours will be  10 am - 4 pm, Thursday to Monday more 

27/4/16   Community Meeting.   Loddon Shire a/g CEO Marg Allan along with EPA and ISS, briefed the community on the status of current works.  The major hole at the rollover site is now being filled with like material that has been tested as suitable.  Some 2000-3000 

tonnes will be required to restore that area over the next week.  The polluted soil and bricks  in the section of the large drain crossing the to the golf course will now commence being removed. The additional section on the western end near Heales St. will also be commenced as part of that work.  As it is polluted down to some 2.5 m depth, this will take some time.   Council is designing the new drain works for restoration to like capacity, which will be reviewed with the insurance providers prior to construction commencement.  A concrete culvert will most likely result for the eastern section, and the communities preference for the western Heales St section is restoration of brickworks.  Many questions and discussion followed.  The shire will advise another community update in the coming weeks. 

14/4/16    Community Meeting.   Loddon Shire will hold a community meeting #4 on Wednesdy 27th April, 6:00pm at the Senior Citizens Centre, Grant St, Inglewood.   An update on the cleanup work by EPA and Loddon Shire will be provided. All invited.


6/4/2016  Major Truck Rollover Calder Hwy in Inglewood.  

 The major incident was cleared and the highway opened with one lane, by around 6:00pm  hours on the Thursday 7th.  Power had been returned after a massive effort by PowerCor teams.  Now the cleanup commences on the fuel,  sodden soil and drains, cleaning up the environmental damage.  This will continue for many days and perhaps weeks.


Further information can be located at:!/incident/1571228/warning/28855520/moreinfo



The Inglewood community would like to thank all the emergency teams and relief crews that came from everywhere to assist during and after the emergency.  The driver being treated at hospital for what we were told was only minor injuries and no one else was injured, so we are grateful for that.  It could have been much worse.

A big thank you also to all the townsfolk, businesses and support workers who assisted the community during the event.


Employment: Positions Vacant...................  (see Employment)

  •  Check out the new Collectables brochure!  collectables flyer
  • The new Inglewood Streetscape Masterplan is read for comment!  See below
  • The TOWN HALL COMMUNITY HUB construction is complete!  
  • Welcome to the new owners at the Motel: - Pauline and Jerry Wellman. 
  • March 21  - Inglewood Lions and Helping Hands Mission open "The Church Op Shop" in Bridgewater.  more 

Streetscape Masterplan

The updated Inglewood master plan is now available for review and comment.      Loddon Shire's Mr Tim Jenkyn has been working with the consultants and the various town development groups to work through the masterplan designs.  Feedback is open until the end of February,  with the final masterplans being commenced in March.

The plans are available in Brooke Street shop front windows for additional viewing.



  View the detailed plans at






Marketing Inglewood ...the challenge 

A routine part of IDTC's role is marketing the town and facilities.  "Put yourself in the picture" is a new theme we have created and have supplied postcards at various outlets to highlight the activities in our area.   We also have new bumper stickers available highlighting our website.  These are available from Inglewood Community Neighbourhood House and Fusspots initially for a small fee, directing attention to our website.      Rather than producing flyers that get out of date quickly, our aim is now on an up-to-date website. If you see an update required, send us a message. thanks  





           Great Vic Bike Ride.

Phew!  The riders have come and gone and reports were they really enjoyed out town.

 A short break until Saturday....Inglewood Alive!   



    Community Hub - Construction  completed!!!  ..more

Ceremony marking the commencement of construction.Ceremony marking the commencement of construction.





Once all villagers decided to pray for rain.
On the day of prayer all the people gathered,
but only one boy came with an umbrella.
That's FAITH

When you throw babies in the air,
they laugh because they know you will catch them.
That's TRUST.
Every night we go to bed
without any assurance of being alive the next morning,
but still we set the alarms to wake up.
That's HOPE.

We plan big things for tomorrow
in spite of zero knowledge of the future.
We see the world suffering,
but still we get married and have children.
That's LOVE.
On an old man's shirt was written a sentence
'I am not 80 years old
I am sweet 16 with 64 years of experience.'

Have a happy day and live your life like the six stories 



Need a Coffee?   You can get a good coffee and delightful cake at "Meat on Brooke".  Call in for a chat, get some of the famous snags or other local treats.





Volunteers play a vital and valuable role in the community of Inglewood. 

Our volunteers are a diverse range of people who work tirelessly  with organisations with the common interest of enhancing the Inglewood and district communities.


Volunteering can be a fun way of meeting new people, helping others and developing new skills. It is also about sharing and developing personal skills and strengthening links between people in the community.
If you would like to be a valued volunteer, we would like to hear from you.


Please call the Inglewood Development and Tourism Committee 5438 3169  or  drop in to the Inglewood Neighbourhood House and  have a chat with the team.


We greatly appreciate and value your contribution.


Youth Support

Some kids can be under a lot of pressure!  Decisions about the future, school stuff you may not know about,  holiday boredom or struggling to find that perfect job!    A fantastic new site is up and running for the 16-25 year olds. 

Tune In Not Out  is 24hr TV for life's challenges, such as alcohol, drugs, mental health, exams and relationships.

Check it out!  Pass it on!  Spread the word!


It may help someone you know, and you may never know how. 


TINO and thanks to the team that put it together!!


About Inglewood

Situated 199 km from Melbourne on the Calder Highway, this historic gold mining town presents a vision of the past. Inglewood forms part of the famous ‘Golden Triangle' which encompasses some of the richest alluvial goldfields in the world. The last great Victorian gold rush occurred here in the 1860's, bringing prosperity and a burgeoning new life to a rural community, clearing the land of mallee scrub and producing wool for the young colony and for export to England. 
Gold was like a magnet and miners flocked to Inglewood from all corners of the globe. A few miners' tents rapidly became a tent town of thousands. Inglewood became known as ‘the city in the scrub'.  In the third year of its existence Inglewood became a municipality, the Borough of Inglewood. Such was the wealth taken from the earth and rock, that the tent town became a community of substance, buildings of timber and brick; imposing structures, several of which stand today.
The gold was eventually extracted to economic limits and the miners departed. A new, though less profitable industry helped the town survive. Eucalyptus oil, first recognised for its wide ranging qualities from the earliest years of colonial occupation, was produced in quantity in the district. The Blue Mallee, locally known as 'Blue Eucy ', which produced an oil of exceptional quality, grows in abundance in the area.  These days Inglewood is a service town for the surrounding rural districts and smaller communities.
Stay a while and you will be able to explore the town with he range of activities listed on the link below.  These can bring the history to life .

Collectibles, gold, blue eucy, history and architecture, ...  or just relax!

Have an enjoyable time and come back to visit Inglewood again.

Things to see and do!


One of the reasons it's called the "city in the scrub"